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“The Rosetta Suite” is officially released

The Rosetta Suite album is finished and now available!

The Rosetta Suite


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Listen to a preview here:

“What a beautiful, inspirational, dramatic and heartfelt work it is.

I love that it is a unified piece of music – excuse my lack of formal musical terms – but the story begun so well with “Liftoff” is related so well throughout the six movements, that the piece becomes familiar in re-hearing lines here and there that we heard earlier. There are so many spine tingling moments in this music. The music brings so much of humanity with it on its journey of hope so far from home.

From the spirits of the most humble, gazing in wonder towards the planets and stars in centuries past, to the great and the good of music, of art and of faith, down all the centuries, to today’s scientists and dreamers too. They all take their place in this moment, when past and present dreams for the best in our race, find common delight in humanity’s achievement of the near impossible.

I think that we identify so much with Rosetta and Philae because we think of them as children of this planet. Children in whom we have invested so much of our hope, fear, trust and love and of our innate spirit of adventure too. And who against what could have been overwhelming odds succeed, and succeed with all the panache and nonchalance of the best of humanity’s ageless spirit – trusting always in the belief that all will be well, if only by and by.”
Stephen O’Boyle

Listen to the full album uninterrupted: https://edwardblakeley.bandcamp.com/album/the-rosetta-suite


‘The Rosetta Suite’ Album on Kickstarter!

‘The Rosetta Suite’ project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Special thanks Cubicle Ninjas for providing the artwork and 3D printed model design for the project, and to Ferdy Hanssen for sponsoring the project with a generous pledge.

Now you can also Pre-Order the album via Paypal here:

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New Blakeley & Son Album

A new album is on the way from acclaimed folk duo Blakeley and Son! Sign up to the newsletter to hear more about the release date by clicking here.

Blakeley & Son 1 SepiaClick for more info.

Outcast: Legacy of the Yods Sneak Preview

A preview of my soundtrack to the upcoming Outcast: Legacy of the Yods game:


Peter Knight: Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed

Recently mastered: Peter Knight of Steeleye Span’s latest masterpiece, specially commissioned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

Artwork Cover
Artwork by Tim Marrs

Samples of this fantastic work can be found on Peter’s website.

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The Rosetta Suite The Long Way Home

‘The Rosetta Suite’

Edward Blakeley

Now available

An original suite of orchestral music inspired by
the Rosetta comet mission.

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‘The Long Way Home’

Blakeley & Son

Now available

The father-son Celtic duo’s debut album – featuring the
furious fiddle playing of folk legend Garry Blakeley.

CD or Digital






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Music by Edward Blakeley.

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“…Edd Blakeley has a great talent!”
Alan Titchmarsh, BBC Radio 2

“Former Steeleye Span fiddler Peter Knight, the man behind Gigspanner, earned a rather wonderful tribute from the late Terry Pratchett, who said: “Peter can spin the world on his bow”. Those words came to mind listening to the magnificent, elegiac, 8mins29secs long version of She Moved Through the Fair. Layers of Ages is produced by Gigspanner and Edward Blakeley, who also contributes bass and banjo on one track. The songs are mostly traditional (there is a fine version of Down by the Salley Gardens, which is based on the WB Yeats poem) including the vocal version of Death and the Lady. There’s a contemporary nod, too, in a vibrant live version of Knight’s own song Louisiana Flack. Guitarist Roger Flack and percussionist Vincent Salzfaas offer wonderful support to Knight on a feast of imaginative music on a band whose name is slang for a bottle-opener.” ★★★★★

Martin Chilton, Culture editor, Telegraph


Selected Works:

Notable Albums
Peter Knight’s Gigspanner: Layers of Ages (2015, Producer)
Asa: Bed Of Stone (2014, Bass Guitar, Additional Sound Technician)
Section 5: Serious Repercussions (2014, Recording Engineer, Producer)
Peter Knight: An Ancient Cause (2014, Remastering Engineer)
Peter Knight: Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed (2013, Mastering Engineer)
Gigspanner: Mad Tom of Bedlam (2012, Mastering Engineer)
Battleska Galactica: If Found Please Return To… (2008, Mastering Engineer)

Film & TV
Ascent Ad (2014, Composer, Producer)
Quest: A Tall Tale (2014, Music Supervisor)
Evidence of Existence (2013, Composer, Producer)
Vapman Vaporizer Ad (2013, Composer, Producer)
A Little Help From My Friends (2012, Sound Engineer)
The Making Of (2011, Composer, Producer)

Unannounced Title
Specter (2014, Sound Design)
Pixelton (2014, Composer, Producer)
Outcast: Legacy of the Yods (2014, Composer, Producer)
Tom Skilling’s WGN Weather App Theme (2013, Composer, Producer)
Game Show Bingo (Jackpot Joy, 2013, Composer, Producer)
Sonic & All Stars Racing (Sega, 2012, Stem Producer)
Mystery PI: Vegas (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Big Money: High Roller (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Monopoly Millionaire: Dynasty (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Monopoly: Party (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Battleship: Jackpot Command (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
King Midas’ Gold (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Operation: Slot Therapy (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Wonders of the Deep (Jackpot Joy, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Friendzy (Jackpot Joy, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Facebook Friendzy (Jackpot Joy, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Valley of the Kings (Jackpot Joy, Sun Bingo, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Sundown Park (SunBingo, 2012, Producer)
Peluos (iOS, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Buoy (iOS, 2012, Composer, Producer)
Penguin Wings 2: Youtube Trailer (2012, Composer, Producer)
Hatchlings (2012, Composer, Producer, Sound Design)
Fate Of The World (2011, Additional SFX)
Insaniquarium (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2011, Composer, Producer)
Bookworm Spin (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2011, Composer, Producer)
Jalapeno Racers (Jackpot Joy, 2011, Composer, Producer)
Jungle Jump (Jackpot Joy, 2011, Composer, Producer)
Alice in Wonderland Slot (Jackpot Joy, 2011, Composer, Producer)
Mystery PI: London (Lucky Gem Casino, PopCap, 2011, Composer, Producer)

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Photo by  Tim Wilcox

Photo by Tim Wilcox

Born in 1989 in the small town of Hastings in Sussex UK, young Leeds University 1st Class (Hons) graduate composer and producer Edward Blakeley’s music has already been heard by millions. By the age of 18, having already established a foothold in the local music scene, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer, orchestrator, performer and producer founded Sonic Avenue Studios, renting a small commercial unit in nearby Bexhill-on-sea. Gaining experience as not only a studio engineer but also a manager, financier, and businessman the entrepreneur went on to work with multi-award winning, BAFTA/IVOR NOVELLO nominated composer Richard Jacques (James Bond: Bloodstone, Mass Effect, Little Big Planet 2) working as an assistant and aide, quickly becoming an apprentice composer. With airtime on BBC Radio 2 at the age of just 20, the young prodigy’s career looks firmly positive ahead, and his compositions and orchestration techniques have won him writing and sound design roles for feature-length films, animations, and video games.

He graduated with a First Class Honours degree, bolstering his already firm knowledge of music theory and of a variety of instruments and orchestration, and continues to hone his already impressive self-taught performance technique. His production and compositional capabilities extend from classical to folk to modern pop. Edward is already a renowned performer of the electric bass, drums, guitar, piano, and more recent instrumental ventures include the violin and trombone.

Edward specializes in composition and production using the world standard tool packages including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, and notation software Sibelius. He is also experienced in providing freelance services in transcription, sound design, production, and audio clean-up.

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UK Studio 020 8133 1661 / +44 (0)20 8133 1661
UK Mobile/Cell 07740 265 865 / +44 (0)7740 265 865
Skype edward.blakeley
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