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Written and Produced by Edward Blakeley
From ‘The Rosetta Suite’

The Ramps

Written and Produced by Edward Blakeley
From ‘The Source Park: Original Soundtrack’

Walking Underwater

Artist: Sam Wills
Arrangement & Production by Edward Blakeley

I'm Grown

Artist: Josh Barry
String Arrangement by Edward Blakeley

  • GEOX
  • Bulgari
  • Lancôme
  • ESA
  • SEGA
  • The Sun
  • Pop Cap
  • Cubicle Ninjas
  • TK Maxx
  • Art In Motion
  • Kirk Whalum
  • ASA
  • Blair MacKichan
  • Peter Knight's Gigspanner
  • Marie White
  • Josh Barry
  • The Dunwells
  • Sam Wills
  • Pola & Bryson


Award winning graduate composer and producer Edward Blakeley’s music career started at the age of 18. Having already established a foothold in the local music scene, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist founded recording studio Sonic Avenue Studios, gaining early experience as not only a studio engineer and producer but also a manager, financier, and businessman.

After graduating Leeds University, he went on to work with multi-award winning BAFTA/IVOR NOVELLO nominated composer Richard Jacques (James Bond: Bloodstone, Mass Effect, Little Big Planet 2) working as an assistant and aide, quickly becoming an apprentice composer. His writing and orchestration technique have led to airtime of his works on BBC Radio and writing roles for feature-length films, video games and adverts.

In 2015 Edward’s work on The Rosetta Suite led to a collaboration with the European Space Agency, where his music has since featured.

His production and writing skills extend from classical to folk, jazz and modern pop. Edward is also well known as a performer of the electric bass, drums, guitar, piano, violin and trombone.

Ed also manages Blakeley & Son, a folk duo with his father.

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